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The Comics and Sacred Text Database strives to show how bring the idea of sacred texts are in comics and teach educators, scholars, and readers about these instances and how they are everywhere you look!

We’re in Phase One of the project, which means we are in the process of collecting entries for our database. If you read a comic and a sacred text shows up, write an entry for us to share that information with the world. (See the Guidelines here.)

Here you can:

  • Submit an entry to the database showing us where you have found a sacred text showing up in a comic. (Sign up here.)
  • Browse our library to see the comics with sacred texts we have collected so far.
  • Search for a comic to see where sacred texts might be in it.
  • Search for a sacred text to see where it has shown up in comics.are in comics
  • Learn about our project.

Give the search a try to see if comics you know need an entry!