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Batman/Green Arrow: The Poison Tomorrow


Volume: 0

Publisher: DC Comics

Series Year: 1992

Published Year: 1992

Writer: Dennis O'Neil

Artist: Micheal Netzer

Inker: Joe Rubinstein

Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski

Letterer: Todd Klein

Genre: SuperHero, Crime, genre,

Contributor(s): Alex Inskeep, Andrew Tooze

How does this comic relate to a sacred text?

The Name of Text: The Bible, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Matthew 5, Psalm 37:11

The relation: A name of a person/deity in a sacred text is referred to

Main Character: Batman, Green Arrow, Poison Ivy

Entry: p. 29: Poison Ivy explains how she (and a very few others) are naturally immune to poisons and toxins, describing herself as one of the “meek” who “shall inherit the earth” p. 54 She describes her plan to spread poison and hasten the world’s destruction, leaving only those like her.

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