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Volume: 0

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

Series Year: 2003

Published Year: 2003

Writer: Craig Thompson

Genre: Romance, History,

Contributor(s): Colin McGuire,

How does this comic relate to a sacred text?

The Name of Text: Various Bible stories and references.

The relation: Scripture was quoted in comic
Objects representing sacred text are present
A person/deity from a sacred text is present

Main Character: Craig

When: Rural Wisconsin

Where: 1980's

Summary: Criag has his first love that he meets while away at a Christian youth trip. The art is beautiful black and white pencil and inks. The novel is also about Craig's relationship with his faith as well as his new love.

Entry: The whole comic has various references, specific or otherwise, to the bible. Craig even imagines his parents Jesus portrait as a sort of imaginary friend that will occasionally be ashamed/proud of him. Religous imagery such as rosarys, bible, church's, and religious figures are frequent. Direct Quotes p56 Ecclesiastes 5:7, p198 Luke 8:40-55, p305 Galatians 5:16,p306 Song of Solomon 4:7,9:,p474 John3:16,p507 Ecclesiastes 11, p546 multiple Ecclesiastes, Biblical/Christian Imagery p37, p44, p49, p61,p79,p88,p122, p136,p149,p238,p282,p292,p364,p440,p445,p514,p575 Bibles p80,p104,p119,p150,p200,p507,p515,p519,p545,p548 Biblical Figures p77,p141,p198,p202,p207,p208,p215,p221,p288,p393,p431,p474,p565 I'm sure there are a lot I missed.

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