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Marvel Knights Spider-Man


Volume: 1

Publisher: DC Comics

Series Year: 2004

Published Year: 2005

Writer: Reginald Hudlin

Artist: Billy Tan, Mark Buckingham

Inker: Jon Sibal, Mark Buckingham

Genre: SuperHero, Crime, genre,

Contributor(s): Alex Inskeep, Andrew Tooze

How does this comic relate to a sacred text?

The Name of Text: The Bible, New Testament, Gospels, Matthew 3:12

The relation: Scripture was quoted in comic

Main Character: Spider-Man

Entry: 18-07: Spider-man meets “The Tiller,” formerly “Virtue” and Supermanesque hero (complete with Christologically tinged origin and the power to heal), who is in fact a Skrull warrior. The Tiller says "You know like in the Bible. I 'till the soil, separating the wheat from the chaff...'"

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