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The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes


Volume: 1

Publisher: DC Comics

Series Year: 2018

Published Year: 2018

Writer: Neil Gaiman

Artist: Sam Keith, Mike Dringenberg, Malcom Jones III

Colorist: Daniel Vozzo

Letterer: Todd Klein

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, genre,

Contributor(s): Alex Inskeep,

How does this comic relate to a sacred text?

The Name of Text: The Bible, The Hebrew Bible, The Gospels, Genesis 4, Job 28:12-18

The relation: Story plot in comic reflects a plot in a sacred text
Scripture was quoted in comic
A name of a person/deity in a sacred text is referred to

Main Character: Dream

Summary: A scientist trues to trap Death, but traps her younger brother Dream instead. Keeping him locked up for many decades, Dream goes to fix all that had been abandoned.

Entry: - On opening pages, the scripture Job 28:12-18 is quoted - Demon names are mentioned on pg. 17 (Namtar, Allatu, Marax, Naberius, Klesh, Vepar, Maymon, Ashema-Deva, Maborym, Horvendile) - The characters of Cain and Abel become present within "Imperfect Hosts" (Issue 2) - on pg. 85, there is a scene of a man dreaming and he is being crucified on a cross with the quotes of "He's pure and perfect and he's dying for their sins"" as well as "Last son of a dead planet."

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